We take pride in building the cleanest and best flying rtf aircraft money can buy!

What we do!

We build custum RTF setups for any aircraft you, the client, would like built. We only use the highest quality components in our builds and refuse to use anything cheap! So if you're looking for cheap, this isn't the place for you. We take pride in knowing each aircraft we build is the cleanest built and best tuned aircraft you could buy! Each aircraft is built to order and is rigorously tuned to perfection! We do NOT half-ass anything on our builds like you might get with other builders. We do NOT just put a base tune on a specific frame and ship it to you like most other builders. We tune each aircraft individually from scratch. Even though the parts are the same they don't always fly the same. They will have slightly different flying tendencies due to different motors, props, and flight controllers. This is why each aircraft is tuned individually, and once it is perfectly tuned, we will ship it out. So if it takes 10 minutes or 10 hours to tune it, thats what it takes. No short cuts! We also provide full technical support to our customers so if they need any help with anything involving one of our setups, we will be there to help. We want our customers to have the best RTF experience possible. 

Who this would be for!

  1. Anyone who wants to have a the best looking and best flying aircraft without having to go through the hassle of taking the time to build and tune it.
  2. Anyone who is not an experienced builder or simply doesn't have the time to build.
  3. Anyone who isn't experienced in setting up or tuning flight controllers.
  4. Anyone who is new to FPV and has no idea what is what or what works best.
  5. Anyone who wants to see what flying a perfectly tuned aircraft is like.

Who this would NOT be for!

  1. Anyone who thinks that flying FPV is putting a DJI phantom in gps hold and letting it hover while looking at an iPhone screen.  
  2. Anyone who is looking for a cheap build.
  3. Anyone who can barely fly anything RC related.
  4. Anyone who can't see the amount of detail and build quality that goes into our builds.