Team Blacksheep Discovery Long Range Edition!

This aircraft was fully built using the best gear to get you long range and long flight times. This setup comes fully built and tuned with all fpv gear (1.3ghz), Immersion EZUHF, and a FRSKY Taranis radio. There will be no FPV goggles or FPV screen included in this package! Basically you need to add your own 6s battery, and your own 1.3ghz ground station with viewing device.

This Setup has been test flown to 3.14 miles straight out and 3.14 miles straight back (6.28 miles total) only used 2700mah out of a 4000mah 6s pack. Flight times with the 6s 4000mah pack are around 22 minutes actually flying around. You can easily put a bigger battery on to fly longer and farther. This is a great aircraft for those who want to fly around and explore and don't want to worry about radio link, video quality, or flight time. 

All items are not shown in photo. See list below for whats all included.

Gopro w/ Layer lense NOT included!


1x Fully built and tuned TBS Discovery Quad:

  • 1x Tbs Discovery frame
  • 1x set of Aerial Mob arm extensions
  • 1x TBS 69 FPV camera
  • 1x Team Blacksheep Core OSD
  • 4x 2-6s 20 Amp Opto ESC's (anodized Red) 
  • 4x Pulso U39L 300kv motos
  • 4x RC-Timer 17" Props (balanced)
  • 1x Antenna extension cable
  • 1x Naza Lite with GPS Flight Controller
  • 1x400mw 1.3ghz video transmitter
  • Custom Cables for TBS core for camera and vid tx
  • 1x FRSKY Taranis Radio with charger.
  • 1x Immersion EZUHF Taranis Module
  • 1x Immersion EZUHF 8ch Diversity receiver
  • 1x SRH-771 EZUHF Transmitter Antenna (upgrade from stock antenna)
  • 1x TBS RF shield
  • 1x TBS Love seat for GoPro
  • 1x set of TBS velcro battery straps
  • wires mesh wrapped in red, white, and blue.

Price: $2400 

Email for availability!