Whats in our QAV250 builds!

  • QAV250 G-10 or Carbon Fiber version
  • 4x Lumenier fxc2206-11 2350kv motors for 4S
  • 4x Lumenier 12 Amp ESC's
  • 4x Gemfan 5x3 props (your choice of color)
  • Naze32 Acro Flight Controller
  • 4x Anodized prop nuts (your choice of color)
  • Team Blacksheep Core pnp50
  • Sony 600tvl camera 
  • Immersion 600mw Video Transmitter
  • Custom cables for the osd, camera and vid tx.
  • Stubby Cloverleaf antennas
  • 1x Lost Model Alarm
  • Mesh wrapping of wires (your choice of color)
  • Extra LED's added if wanted for an extra fee (your choice of color)


The QAV250 is a 250mm Motor to motor mini quad. It has 2 different versions to choose from. One is a heavier g-10 version and the other is a lighter carbon fiber version. Both versions have there Pros and Cons. The QAV 250 is a better suited quad for the average flyer that goes on trips all the time. Reason being it has a Travel case that can be purchased separately and will protect the aircraft while traveling. The QAV 250 can be outfitted with all the necessary fpv gear to keep you comfortable while flying. Each QAV250 we build is like the ones in our pictures and videos. Every wire gets cut to the correct length, Mesh wrapped in your choice of Colors, and Soldered neatly together. Then we spend however long it takes to tune the aircraft so that it will perform to the best of its ability.

Videos of our QAV250


CHECK THE RTF Blackout Mini H SECTION. The QAV pricing is similar to those packages, but the QAV has so many options so trying to make its own RTF section is to hard. However for Similar setups it will be very close to the RTF blackout package pricing. Feel free to contact us for  QAV250 build and Pricing.