Hyperlite 275 


The Hyperlite 275 Quad is a 275mm motor to motor quadcopter. This quadcopter is a very unique quad being it can either be setup to carry a GoPro or a Mobius camera. The power setup that is put on this quad makes it very fast and flys in higher winds more stable than the sub 250mm quads. This quad was designed beautifully and has really unique styling compared to many other quads out there. It has a short and fat look to it that I personally really like. This quad is a great size for people who live in and plan on doing majority of there flying in semi large parks or more open areas.  Its size and weight makes flying in larger spacers much more enjoyable. The fact that it is capable of flying either a GoPro or a Mobius makes it a nice quad that can change and grow with the pilot and doesn't lock you into one specific camera for recording. 

Whats in our Hyperlite 275 build!

  • Hyperlite 275 Quad Frame w/ 4 in 1 ESC PDB.
  • 4x T-motor MN 2206 2000kv motors for 4S
  • 4x HQ 6x4.5 Carbon Nylon props
  • Naze32 Acro Flight Controller
  • 4x Anodized prop nuts (your choice of color)
  • Team Blacksheep Core pnp50 OSD
  • Sony 600tvl camera 
  • Immersion 600mw Video Transmitter
  • Custom cables for the osd, camera and vid tx.
  • Stubby Cloverleaf antennas
  • Lipo low voltage beeper
  • Lost model alarm
  • Mesh wrapping of wires (your choice of color)
  • FRSKY D4RII receiver (or without rx if not flying FRSKY)