Blackout Mini Hex


The Blackout Mini Hex is a 290mm motor to motor mini spider style hexacopter. This Hex can carry a Mobius HD camera on top or just add on the bottom GoPro/battery tray mount and you can carry a GoPro on the bottom. This Hex is offered in 2 different power setups. Either 3s or 4s. If you plan on carrying a Mobius camera 3s is plenty powerful enough. If you plan to carry a GoPro or you just like INSANE amounts of power we recommend 4s. This aircraft was built for speed! It will easily outpace any mini quad currently on the market. That being said we really only recommend this aircraft for experienced pilots only. this would not by any means be a good starter aircraft. 

Whats in our Mini Hex builds!

  • Blackout Mini Hex Frame w/ PDB
  • 6x T-motor MN 1806 2300kv motors OR 6x T-motor MN 2204 2300kv motors for 4S
  • 6x T-motor 12 Amp ESC's
  • 6x Gemfan 5x3 props (your choice of color)
  • Naze32 Acro Flight Controller
  • 6x Anodized prop nuts (your choice of color)
  • Team Blacksheep Core pnp50
  • Sony 600tvl camera 
  • Immersion 600mw Video Transmitter
  • Custom cables for the osd, camera and vid tx.
  • Stubby Cloverleaf antennas
  • Lipo low voltage beeper
  • Lost model alarm
  • Mesh wrapping of wires (your choice of color)
  • Extra LED's added if wanted for an extra fee (your choice of color)

Videos of our Blackout Mini Hex!