Blackout B330 Quad


The Blackout 330 is HANDS DOWN the Fastest, smoothest flying aircraft out of the Blackout Lineup! The B330 is a 330mm Motor to Motor quadcopter. It sports a carbon fiber frame and a Power distribution board with some LED's on it. This Aircraft is actually slight ly smaller than the Mini Hex believe it or not. It also flys with a GoPro a lot better than the Mini Hex does. If your looking for the ultimate speed machine that can fly super smooth even at high speeds, look no further. Now being that it is a very fast and powerful aircraft there are a few tradeoffs. Like anything that is fast and powerful it doesn't typically have good gas mileage. The Flight times on this quad are only 3-5 minutes with a 2200mah 4s battery. That is a pretty low flight time but you will have a crazy fun time in that short period of time. This is not what I'd recommend for a daily driver because of its short light times. Unless you are just a adrenaline junky than this is for you :). That being said if you would like slightly longer flight times of 8-10 minutes going to the Blackout B360 is a better option. You will just loose slight top end speed and slight nimbleness.The B330 quad is more suited for Pilots living in a more open areas where they can actually enjoy the speed of this aircraft. A typical small park that you can fly a mini quad in will not cut it with this quad. You really need areas that are not so compact to really enjoy this aircraft. If you live in a more open area the minis will not be fun to fly there. since minis don't fly as smooth as the b330 or as fast as the b330 it makes flying them in open areas very boring and seem underpowered. The B330 has TONS of POWER! So larger areas you can actually speed around pretty quickly. Also since the B330 is larger we can outfit it with Long range gear (UHF) and 2.4GHZ video instead of 5.8GHZ that comes on the minis. With UHF and 2.4GHZ for video you can fly much farther away and have much better video penetration vs the minis. In short This aircraft is awesome for speed junkies that want to carry a go pro and fly in more open areas.